Walter's Gunsmithing 

We are a family friendly Gunsmithing shop and at Walter's Gunsmithing
we believe all gun owners are responsible for theirs and their family's
Shop is certified in the following:
.22 Rimfire Rifles
AR Style Weapons
We do the following services:
Minor Stock Refinishing:

     Includes filling chips with putty, sanding and refinishing with same or           different stain look along with oil treatment.
Action Smoothing:

Cleaning of all rough or burred edges of the operational parts
Trigger Jobs:

     Professional trigger jobs done on most new style guns and AR style            weapons.
Scope Mounting:

 Professionally mounted scopes and bore sighting done, if customer wishes  we will sight the weapon in to its minimum range and provide proof of zero.
Recoil Pad replacement:

 Walter's Gunsmithing will install customer provided recoil pad or purchase   a pad to customer's liking and install that one.
Professional Cleaning and Oiling:

   At Walter's Gunsmithing we will do a thorough cleaning of all parts              including the barrel at customer's request. Weapons are all cleaned and      oiled during the repair process.
We care for your guns like they are our own
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Firearms Transfers

 $ 50.00 per Firearm Transfer fee 

State and Federal forms to be filled out for Handguns
prior to background check.

Federal form for long gun transfers prior to background checks.

Private sale of firearms, customer must already know
what they are looking for no retail stock onsite.

Call for further details


New stock mounting:

  Walter's Gunsmithing will purchase and install customer       requested stocks for installation on their weapon of choice.

(Once it is determined which stock and a down payment for the purchase of stock has been done.)

Barrel Bedding: 

  Walter's Gunsmithing will bed and support your barrel in  the stock of your choice and check for accuracy, 
if caliber is
not on hand we will purchase and only charge per round
used. Not the cost of a complete box unless needed for

Ammo Used for repairs

      Any ammo needed to verify repair will be bought and            charged to customer on a per round basis. 
Unless complete box of ammunition is needed for the repair
of firearm or mounting of scope and zeroing.

Zeroing will be done on 50 to 100 yard ranges depending on  caliber of rifle or handgun.

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